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Lindansare Walking the tightrope   till applet
Lin dansare -kraft vektorer A rope walker is standing on the tightrope, that has been set between two posts. The post are being held in place by two guy lines.

The weight of the rope walker gives rise to a number of forces, even though the overall situation is static. Gravity, acting on the walker, causes tension in the rope, which in turn causes tensions in the guy lines and upward forces in the poles.
The situation may be schematically drawn in the sketch at right. But that's just a picture. It is far more interesting to investigate what happens when the walker moves, or a heavier walker moves on the rope. You may also want to change the entire situation, for instance by moving the points at which the guy lines are attached.

Reasoning about forces

In the applet below you can change the values of some parameters. You can also view decomposition of forces or view detail in a point of your choice.

The applet is meant to be used in the teaching of mechanics in vocational (technical) education. It is not directed at the teaching of methods to calculate forces, since the applet will calculate them. In stead it can be used to reason about the forces in the construction: 'If we change ...., what is the effect on the forces on ....?'

You may want to try out the applet first. Afterwards, have a go at the reasoning problems below theapplet !



You can view the source of the applet here. It includes two classes to create the slide controls. Such controls can be used like any AWT control button/checkbox....    till applet

Written by Paul Bergervoet (paul@fi.ruu.nl)
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