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Oscilloskop funktionen   till applet
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This java applet shows the basic functions of an oscilloscope.

The oscilloscope is an electronic instrument widely used in making electrical measurements.
The main component of the oscilloscope is the cathode ray tube (CRT).
The CRT is a vacuum tube in which electrons are accelerated and deflected under the influence of electric field.
The electrons are deflected in various directions by two sets of plate placed at right angle to each other in the neck of the tube.

Signal for the horizontal deflection plate (X-axis) is generated by the scope

The external signal (need to be measured)

The default form for this java applet is Fy(t)= A sin(w t + B)

It can be operated in different mode

X = C t + D X = A sin( w t + B)
Y = A sin(w t + B) default mode Lissajou's figure
Y = C t + D not supported for an oscilloscope

For parameter B please enter value in degree.

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